I actually don’t like to describe myself as a minimalist. Or, let me rephrase that - I don’t like labels. In general I really don’t. I find myself feeling restricted and self conscious - afraid to not be the right thing or doing things correctly. But more so it has to do with the feedback I receive when interacting with others. It seems like oftentimes labels put people in this state of mind and they think “oh I see, I completely understand you know”. Which often also follows with the thoughts similar of “I know your views and you are this type of person which also means you like this thing, or behave this way or have this mindset”. I have found that it doesn’t matter which label I’m using, I receive similar judgement from different people in various situations when I have used labels to describe me, such as: minimalist, young, vegetarian, environmentalist, vagabonder, artist, activist, creator, millennial. The result is the same - a sense of simplifying judgement of another human wi…